Ektron V3-Responsive Design

History: In the last two years, our team has been concentrating our efforts around the current ADA problem, and have written and applied several enhancements to our smart forms that have allowed us to make our CMS Smart forms ADA compliant (Ektron V2). We have completed that task, and put the new State Portal in production and we found a way to add many of the features from the new State portal into Ektron. Ektron V3 is now available! Please contact Linda DeSantis at desantis@admin.nv.gov for details.
Why Version 3? The current State of Nevada website design has a professional look, and works well with desktops, but since the initial design the use of small display smart phones and large display desktop monitor use has dramatically increased. Since most displays have both greatly increased and decreased it's time to upgrade how we display our information to the public. The responsive display is designed to fill the user's different sized displays minimizing wasted space. With the responsive redesign the additional features also add some graphical features to make a more modern appearance for your website.
What happens when you upgrade? YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING, Just let us know your want to upgrade. If you choose to upgrade to the new V3, you don't have to redesign or update any of your pages. The update is designed to work with your existing templates, both on the home page and pages other than your home page. The new features focus primarily on just the home page. Your pages other than the home page should continue to be the Page Program Smart Forms (ADA Page Program V4 and others). You can choose to rebuild your home page with the new full screen features, you can, but you website will be just fine if you don't want to rebuild!  You will still get that responsive, mobile friendly websites.  Any questions contact desantis@admin.nv.gov.

Ektron V3 websites:

The following websites are V3 Ektron sites. The AG's office has moved to V3, but they have not added any of the new smart forms to their site, but it is still responsive and they did NOT have to do anything except check & make sure the data in their smart forms are formatted correctly! We just might have missed something! That means they might have to do a few minor adjustments to fix spacing, etc.  Please review the following Ektron V3 websites: