State Web Development Outreach
What the EITS Web team is doing to help make Nevada Websites ADA Compliant!

State of Nevada Portal

The  State of Nevada Portal's primary purpose is to direct traffic to state agencies and their services. It also  informs residents about Nevada's Governor Steven Sisolak, Nevada's Elected Officials and other Branches of Nevada State Government. It highlights State of Nevada programs, on-line services, business information, education, employment, unemployment assistance and educational opportunities. it also features photographs and videos that showcase our beautiful Silver State. 

This new portal went live on January 7, 2019, along with the inauguration of Governor Steve Sisolak and the new Elected Officials. It resides outside of the State Content Management System (CMS), and is mobile friendly.  

A great deal of research and planning was done to create this new portal and a special thank you to all of the departments, agencies, etc., who collaborated with us to make this happen!

We Need Your Help!

Please review the main categories on the website: On-line Services, Jobs, Visitors, Business, Education, Services, Explore, Agencies, and let us know if you want us to add anything that we can link back to!

ADA - Siteimprove License

Siteimprove is MONITORING Software that provides insight to help you address issues that are impacting your site's ADA accessibility, content quality, brand compliance, SEO and data security. Siteimprove also has analytics to help you decipher visitor behavior and craft a more intuitive experience for visitors. Siteimprove can ONLY MONITOR content that is LINKED on your website by crawling your site. It cannot monitor websites that are Password Protected. Siteimprove evaluates your website content against current WCAG 2.1 standards, and RECOMMENDS SUGGESTIONS on how to fix the error.  

NOTE: You CANNOT fix your web content or Documents within Siteimprove. To fix content, you must go to the source where your web content resides. To fix documents, you need to: 1) download the document with the full path so you can upload it again to the right place after it is remediated, 2) use ADOBE Acrobat PRO DC to remediate your document, 3) MANUALLY test your remediated document, 4) upload the remediated document back into your websites (exact path that you downloaded it from).

Q&A about Siteimprove, SLAs, Support, Training

We have been asked a lot of questions regarding the Download the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and the requirements we have added to the SLA in order for you to obtain a Siteimprove license. Hopefully this Q&A will give you the answers!

1. Is the Siteimprove License FREE?
Yes, it is funded by the Department of Administration, Division of Enterprise IT Services (EITS).

2. What will the Siteimprove tool do for me?
The Siteimprove platform is a simple, powerful tool that evaluates how accessible your website is, and shows you how to make it better. It offers a key approach to securing digital accessibility for public websites, with an at-a-glance dashboard feature that pinpoints exactly where to make improvements. The service provides complete visibility across your content quality and performance and SEO. Accessible web design is central to good design principles, and following guidelines for web accessibility ensures usability for everyone, including people with disabilities.
3. What if I have more than one (1) website? Can the other websites be added to the Siteimprove tool? 
Yes, however, the new website(s) cannot be Intranet website(s) -or- Password Protected websites that require user intervention.  Just email the Webteam 1) URL of the website, 2) name of the Website owner, 3) their user address, 4) name & email of all content editors. 

4. Can I have more than one content editors for each website? 
Yes, Just email the Webteam 1) name of the content editor(s), 2) their email Address(es).

5. Do you need to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with EITS to obtain a Siteimprove License?
Yes, Because there are several requirements that the Nevada & National Federation of the Blind has requested, and we need everyone with a licese to satisfy these requirements within a MONTH of receiving their License from EITS.

6. What if I am having issues getting all of the requirements applied to our site in a month?
Contact the Webteam, and we will try to assist you!

7. Once the Director and Point of Contact (POC) signs the SLA for my department/division, etc., what happens?

  • The EITS Web team will grant you access to the Siteimprove tool (NO LIMIT ON THE # OF USERS that need access to the Siteimprove Dashboard)
  • The EITS Web team will walk your through a Siteimprove QuickStart to help you get familiar with the Siteimprove Dashboard and how to navigate it
  • We request you take our recommended training:
  • The EITS Web team created an online training course in NVeLearn that you should take first just to get familiar with ADA (it is a certified class)
  • Siteimprove Academy has 24 class that are also 'certified classes", that should assist you in further understanding the Siteimprove tool and ADA
  • Remediation Guides that cover Remediation Guide: Word, PDFs, Excel, Powerpoint, Remediation Guide: Audio, Video & YouTube (these guides have been created by our EITS web team and contain detailed instructions and sample documents that you can use to remediate as you are being walked through the process)
  • Manual Testing - especially NVDA. NVDA is a free tool that allows you to hear exactly what a person using an Assistive technology (AT) device hears.

8. Will the Web team help me with Siteimprove questions?
Yes, however, please remember that Siteimprove is the first level of support and we are paying them for support. You will need to create a helpdesk ticket (see Siteimprove Support) located at

9. Siteimprove will be scheduling group training classes, however, we are rolling out the Siteimprove licenses slowly so it might be a while before the 1st training class is schedule.
In the meantime, the information on the Siteimprove Landing Page,, is very comprehensive. So much so, that we just linked to it instead of trying to write our own.

10. Do you have any questions we have not addressed?
Send an email to Webteam asking your question(s).

Overview: Road to Training (ADA Document Remediation Training)

ADA Document Remediation Training Schedule:

Training Calendar

ADA Documentation Remediation Training Overview: 

We have reorganized the current ADA Remediation training class based on research, feedback and lessons learned and will be implementing the new class in January 2021. Our goal is to provide our users a comprehensive training class where they can jump in at a designated time and only take the training they want. Then, if they want to review the TOPICS at a later time, they can go online and all of the following details of the class material and more, will be available to them. All ADA Training is being done on the STATE-Web Enterprise channel and you do NOT have to be a Member of that Team to have access.  

Class is structured by TOPICS, and within each TOPIC are the Sub-TOPICS that will be covered


  • VIDEOS are offered in 3 formats: (TEAMS) or (YouTube) or (CLASS-recordings from live-streaming class) and each video is only 10 minutes or less, depending on the topic so they can just review just that topic and not have to search the complete class video
  • PRACTICE DOCUMENTS are 'bad', non-compliant documents that can be downloaded before the class. These documents can be used to practice the remediation techniques during class with the instructor, or after the class. 
  • GUIDES and CHECKLISTS are also available for reference
 Class Options:
  • Take the ENTIRE Class - OR -
  • It is possible to access ONLY for the TOPIC(s) they are interested in learning
    • Example:  If they only want to learn about the Sub-Topic 3-Setup Adobe Tool, they can log on at the designated START TIME of 9:15 am and JOIN THE CLASS  
  • TIME is allowed for Questions and Answers at the end of the Class session. 
  • Class will have two instructors: one giving the Live training, another working with CHAT during Live Class
 After the Class:  
  • All Materials covered in class are available at
  • CLICK on the desired TOPIC or Sub-TOPIC to access guides, videos and practice documents 
  • Additional training resources are provided, which are NOT covered in the training classes. These resources can help you expand your knowledge of ADA and are listed at bottom of Class Agenda)
  • All classes will be RECORDED and POSTED on this website within one day of the class and can be accessed in full or by sub-type (CLASS RECORDING- Entire Class)
  • Rosters will also be posted along with a Feedback form to review the training you have taken.  

ADA Document Remediation Training Classes Available:
#1: ADA Document Remediation Training Class Agenda - (LIVE-you will receive an email notification)
#2: ADVANCED PDF Remediation Training Class Agenda (Live)(coming February 2021-you will receive an email notification)

If you are interested in receiving notifications for future ADA Classes or Events, Please subscribe to our State ADA Listserv 

Subscribe to State ADA Listserv                              Unsubscribe to State ADA Listserv 

ALL classes above are available 24x7 by linking on the Course TOPICS or a specific Sub-Topics: Guides, Videos (YouTube) (Teams) (Class recordings), and practice documents are also available, whenever possible 
 Course TOPICS Start Time  Stop Time Sub Topics Covered (have their own Videos & Guides)
Help users log on  08:45 am  08:50 am Download Practice documents to remediate along with your instructor 
1-Class Overview 08:50 am   09:00 am  Overview the new process: How the new training works | Start times, End Times | Only Take Classes you want -OR- TAKE ALL CLASSES being covered | Review info after Class | Other Training Options NOT COVERED in Class 
2-WORD 09:00 am 09:15 am 1-Inspect and Fix Accessibility Issues |  2-A Compliant Document review | 3-Export WORD to PDF | 4- Letterhead  |Word Tips and Tricks |
3-Setup ADA Tools  09:15 am  09:30 am 1-Adobe Acrobat Versions | 2-NVDA  | 3-Setup Adobe Tool
BREAK 09:30 am  09:45 am  
4-Adobe Acrobat PDF 09:45 am 11:15 am  1-First Three Steps | 2-Perform Manual Accessibility Check | 3-Identify/Fix Errors | 4-Headings | 5-Tagged Content | 6-Tagged Annotations | 7-Content Panel Adobe Acrobat | 8-Logical Reading Order & Color Contrast | 9-Review a Compliant PDF Doc | 10-Action Wizard | 11-Fix Tables | 12-Scanned | 13-Remediate Fillable Docs |
14-Strikeout/Modified | 15-
 Redacted Material  |PDF Tips and Tricks |
5-EXCEL 11:15 am 11:20 am 1-Inspect and Fix Excel | 2-Export EXCEL to PDF |
6-PowerPoint (PPT) 11:20 am 11:30 am 1-Inspect and Fix Power Point | 2-Export PPT to PDF
Questions & Answers  11:30 am 11:45 am  
Course Topic Start Time End Time Sub Topics Covered (have their own Videos & Guides)
1-Advanced PDF  8:45 am  10:00 am 1-Associate Table Cell with Header | 2 Merged Cells in a Table3-Tables with List and Bullets | 4-Creating Table of Contents Links 5-Creating a Fillable PDF | 6-Extracting Difficult Pages in PDF | 7- Content Panel Advanced PDF
What is Remediation?      1-What is Remediation? | Why Remediate? | Helpful Links |
About ADA     1-About ADA | Links  Glossary | References
ADA Compliance for Document Creators     ADA Compliance for Document Creators PPT
Create a Compliant Word document     Accessible Templates by Microsoft | Templates Sampler | How to create a TOC by Microsoft | Word Training References
Word Reference      Word Tips & Tricks | | |
More Reference Tools     1-Siteimprove tool-Quick Overview | | | Siteimprove Academy |
Uncommon Errors in PDF     1-Uncommon Errors | 2-Extract page within a document | 3-Export PDF Back to Word | 4-Create a Fillable Doc | 5-Spanish Words |
Adobe References     PDF Tips & | Resources |
Reference Materials     Consolidated list of ALL: ADA related Links | all guides | all videos | all practice guides | All Tips & Tricks | All tool |