ADA Training Classes

All Courses are 2 hours long unless otherwise noted below. Microsoft Teams Courses can accommodate an unlimited number of students, and users can sit at their desk and work along with our instructors as they provide either step by step instruction on how to remediate documents or an introduction to the Siteimprove Monitoring tool. Users can ask questions using Teams chat during the training.

Date/Time  Course  Type  Location  Status  Download Training Materials
12/3/2020 10:00 am ADA Document Remediation ADA Document Remediation Training Click to join live ADA training class (Teams) Open Class Agenda
Class Materials
Livestream Webinar

Training class request, webinars, examples and class materials are available 24x7:

NOTE: Click here for the following training requests:
  • ADA Document Remediation Training
  • Advanced ADA Document Remediation
  • Siteimprove Training
  • HAL Online Forms Training
  • Request for Group Training
  • One on One Training  
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